3rd Sunday

“We seek to BUILD BRIDGES, touching the lives of the youth with the unchanging biblical truths. In establishing a RELATIONAL FOUNDATION to reveal Christ’s love to them, we hope to ENCOURAGE GROWTH in their faith, challenging them to develop SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES that will enable them to LIVE OUT LOUD against society’s flow.”


WHAT : Youth Fellowship format after church, going deeper in God’s word, sharing together and journeying with each other.

WHO : Everyone Yr 8+

WHERE : Mckee Hall, Church Road

WHEN : 3rd Sunday Night of every month 7.45pm – 9pm

WHY : A place to go deeper together and encourage one another.

PRAYER FOCUS – Pray at 7

With the beginning of a new year TRINITY BOARDMILLS seeks to reaffirm our hope and a trust in a God who is Sovereign over all things. The words from Jeremiah 6:16 are appropriate as we commence a new year: "Stand at the crossroads and look: ask from the ancient paths,...

CHRUCH FOCUS – New Things @typconnect

The start of a New Year is always a good time to consider the months just gone, and look forward to the months we hope to come. We always seem to have a busy programme of events throughout the year at Trinity, but as in many aspects of our lives, circumstances change...

CHURCH FOCUS – New Year Reflection

2019 is here!  Rev Scott Woodburn gets us off to a positive start as he shares some thoughts for the New Year . In 2019 I will start a new business, will run three marathons, learn how to play the piano, visit my family more often, eat more vegetables, swim in...

CHURCH FOCUS – Christmas Crackers

We recently enjoyed a Family service before Christmas with many of our children taking part – a lovely opportunity to see their excitement for the season, and evidence the dedicated work of our Sunday CE leaders in teaching our young ones about the love of God. We...

CHURCH FOCUS – Reflections on Second Boardmills

The presence of a congregation of believers at Second Boardmills has been well documented, and the history of the progression of the church family and church building has been intertwined with the other congregations along Church Road for many generations. September...

CHURCH FOCUS – PARENTS NIGHT 26th November from 7-9PM

CALLING ALL PARENTS OF TEENS : Join us for our first parents night @ Trinity Dear Parent or Guardian, Every year at Trinity Boardmills we deliver a varied programme to ensure that your son/daughter is given every opportunity to develop a healthy self-esteem and...

CHURCH FOCUS – Summer Missions Feedback

All through the summer our folk were involved in various summer outreach – some far afield and some a little closer to home. This time for Trudi there were no long haul flights, just a bit of a drive!   On the 21st July I travelled back down to Tramore, County...


Whilst we bring our children to church on Sunday and encourage them to get involved in the various organisations and clubs available during the week, in other words help them to live a life surrounded by Christian influence, there are still many young people in our...

CHURCH FOCUS – Summer Missions Feedback

Continuing our series of feedback from the outreach work our church family got involved with over the summer 2018 this time we learn about what went on for the Exodus team sent to Romania. Over to Andrew …     This summer, Anna and I traveled to the Exodus...

CHURCH FOCUS – Summer Missions Feedback

Over the next few weeks we are hoping to bring you a bit of an update on what some of our members have been up to over the summer. Some of our church family traveled far from home, others were a bit more local. Today we start with looking at one of the first events...


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