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We would love you to join us at some of our upcoming services or events.

What time are services?
Normally, we have two services on a Sunday. The morning service is at 11.30am. Our evening service is at 6.30pm. Keep an eye on the website for any changes to these times.
When you arrive you will be welcomed at the door and you will receive an announcement sheet. This gives details of what will be happening in the week ahead.

What are the services like?
Services are relaxed and welcoming.
Learning from God’s Word is a big part of our worship time. Services are comprised of bible teaching, worship songs and prayer. Don’t worry, you will not be asked to do anything.
Bible verses and the words to songs are projected at the front of the church so you can follow along.
Services last 60 mins.

What should I wear?
There are no expectations as to what you should wear, just come as you are.  Some come dressed casual; some come dressed more formally. Both are fine.

Where can I park?
There is a car park behind the church with plenty of space for parking. You can enter the church building at the front of the building.

Where should I sit?
You are welcome to sit wherever you like within the main Church building.

Should I bring money?
An offering is gathered during the service but please do not feel under any obligation to give money or contribute.

Is there a crèche?
Yes, crèche facilities are available at our morning service and are aimed at pre-school children.
You are welcome to leave your child in the crèche before the service. The crèche is based in the church hall beside the main church building.

Is there Children’s Church?
Yes, kids from primary 1 to primary 4 join us in the main church for the first 20 minutes and then leave for a children’s time where they will learn songs, bible stories and make crafts.


Got Questions

Is there more to life than this?
Why am I here?
Who is Jesus?
Is the Bible true?
What happens when I die?
These are just some of the Questions that you might find yourself asking. We believe that the answer to these questions (and many more) can be found in the person of Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

If you are asking questions like this then we would love to speak with you! Contact Richard using the form below:

If you would like to explore these Questions a little more yourself then here are a couple of good websites that will help:

Contact our minister

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The Lord’s Supper

The Sacrament of the LORD’S SUPPER is observed on the 1st Sunday in January (evening service), the 1st Sunday in May and the 1st Sunday in November at the morning service.


Our church family welcomes those who wish to be baptised because they come to know Jesus as their Saviour.
Our church also warmly welcomes Christian parents who seek to have their children baptised. Baptism is not “christening” – it is the sign and seal of the covenant of grace.

As a sign it points us to God’s promise of forgiveness and cleansing, and as a seal assures us of the faithfulness of His promise. As parents teach their children about this covenant, it is our prayer that our children will come to know Jesus as their Saviour and Lord.

The Responsibility of Parents
At least one parent should be Christian and want their child to come to know Jesus Christ in a personal way and to grow up to serve Him.
The Responsibility of the Congregation
The congregation also has an important part to play in that it promises to pray for the child and the parents, to live as those who have been baptised so that our children may come to know God and love and serve Christ through the power of the Spirit.

The requirements of Our Church fully reflect the guidelines set out by the Presbyterian Church in Ireland:
It is necessary that at least one parent professes faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.
The parents ought to be married and living together.
The parents and other children, if any, should be attending church regularly.
The parents do not have to be communicants but will be encouraged to become so.



Presbyterian churches derive their name from the ‘Presbyterian’ form of church government, which is government by representative assemblies of elders. In each Presbyterian Church there are two types of Presbyters: the first is the Teaching Elder who is also called preacher, evangelist, teacher, pastor or minister, and is commissioned to preach God’s Word, to administer the sacraments as well as to instruct the people, in addition to the oversight of the Church in conjunction with the Ruling Elders. The other is the Ruling Elder who is elected by the congregation and appointed to watch for souls and to exercise government and discipline in conjunction with the Teaching Elder.

Session Meetings

In a Presbyterian congregation, all matters of doctrine, discipline, worship and order are the responsibility of the Kirk Session. The role of the Session is “to work together with the minister in the oversight and governance of the congregation, for the up building of God’s people in spiritual fruitfulness and holy accord, and for the extension of Christ’s kingdom.”

Session meetings are ‘representative assemblies’ or courts of the Church. There are two other similar courts within PCI which are Presbytery and the General Assembly. The Session is accountable to the Presbytery for its leadership and oversight of the congregation, and Down Presbytery is then accountable to the General Assembly.

The Kirk Session’s role is to :

  • look after and promote the spiritual interest of the congregation, and of persons not connected with any congregation who are within its bounds
  • ensure a scheme for pastoral care is in place in the congregation,

    seek to further the contribution of the Church to Christian witness and service in the local community

  • approve such measures of practical co-operation with other Churches as may involve the life and work of the congregation.

For more information contact the Clerk of Session

Congregational Committee

The Congregational Committee at Trinity Presbyterian Church consists of members of Session together with members elected from the congregation. Elections are held as requested by Session which is normally every three years. The committee is responsible for the temporal affairs of the congregation as outlined in the code of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. The work of the committee is divided between sub-committees.

Anyone wishing to contact the Congregational Committee please contact the Secretary.

Ministry Team

Minister:   Richard Patton

Clerk of Session:  Adrian Patterson

Music:  Mr Jonathan Scott

Childrens Ministry

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