New Year resolutions are usually broken by the 5th January. Most of them don’t work because we tough it out and do it alone. So I’m proposing we take a different approach this year. Make the resolution to read your Bible from beginning to end and see how it all fits together around the person of Jesus. Read your Bible but with one very important distinction. Let’s read it together! Grab a friend or two and share what you are reading. There are many wonderful devotions and apps that exist in order to help us to read, digest, and understand what it is that we have read. Those will come in handy during the readings on Leviticus! Augustine the greatest theologian in the church was converted when he heard the voice of a child cry out “tolle lege” which means “take up and read”. Augustine took it as an invitation from God to take up his word and to read it. He did and his life was changed forever. Let’s take up the word of God and read it together, delighting in his goodness and grace as the God who speaks.

We plan to start reading the bible together in 2021 using the Robert Murray McCheyne bible reading plan which will take us through the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalms twice over the course of a year.

You can download a copy to print off and have in your bible on the link above, follow along or subscribe to it daily here or if you use the Youversion bible app on your phone subscribe through it by searching for the plan “For the Love of God” of click here

Todays Bible Readings

For families – as we explore re-launching our children’s and youth ministries in 2021 we hope to use the 52 Bible Resource produced by the Bible Society Northern Ireland to encourage bible reading at home

If you want to find out more or need help in accessing the resource email and we can help you get involved.