I wrote this little booklet after attending a course on the Book of Relevation.  After studying a chapter on suffering, I came home with my head buzzing, just wanting to write something down that might help someone.

Having had Multiple Sclerosis for 30yrs, I knew a bit about what it’s like to lose your independence and so after spending much time in prayer, Wings With God was born. I had no idea the reception this little booklet was going to have until people started contacting me and sending money for Fairways Orphanage, Uganda, which is the charity I decided to support and every penny I receive goes to help the children in that orphanage.

Since having the booklet published, I have been asked to speak at different church meetings and have been able to send over £1,000 to Fairways. This has been a big blessing to me as I have had people contacting me asking me to pray for them and as I told God that if even one person got some help from my little booklet, then it would be worthwhile and how He has answered my prayer by just letting me be there for people who need someone to listen. So, while we don’t have all the answers, it gives me great hope to know that there will be no suffering when God creates ‘a new heaven and a new earth’. Relevation 21.

If you want to know more about the orphanage Carolyn supports through this publication, please visit Granshaw Presbyterian Church here  www.granshaw.org/mission/fairways.

Fairways School is located in Lutengo Village, Nama Sub County in the Mukono District about 1 hour from Kampala, the capital of Uganda and is entirely funded through voluntary donations via Granshaw.

Some copies of Wings of God are available in the Vestibule of our church too, and if you want to leave a donation it will be passed to Carolyn.