“Have you had a good Christmas?”

It’s a question that you will probably be asked today, or very soon.

Have you ever answered, “The best Christmas ever!” What would make Christmas, “The best Christmas ever?”

Is it being with the people you love most in all the world? That should make for a special Christmas. It can make any time special, as long as everyone gets along!

If you were in business the ‘best Christmas ever’ might be measured by the level of sales and profits. In that regard it may not be the worst Christmas ever, but it certainly won’t be the best.

For some, receiving the gift they most covet may be the measure of whether or not it is a good Christmas. If the gift they hoped for isn’t under the tree, or perhaps out in the garage,  they may not consider this the best Christmas ever.

This Christmas Day 2017, I want to tell you something that I know you know. I’m going to tell it, even though I know you know it, because we are bombarded daily and relentlessly with messages that contradict it.

The truth I know you know is that you can’t measure the worth of Christmas by people or profits or presents.

The best Christmas ever is not this one or that one.

The best Christmas ever was the first one.

The best Christmas ever was the very first one, when God Himself gave us the gift of His Son.

Maybe this year someone has been missing from your table, or there has been a situation which has upset all the plans you had for this day. Things haven’t gone just the way you had hoped.

Let’s give thanks to God for The Best Christmas Ever. For in the gift of His Son we have hope, joy and peace.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16