By this time in December most of our homes will have a little “extra” going on –  lights everywhere, mysterious gifts wrapped and waiting underneath the colour themed trees, a pile of Christmas food spilling out of the cupboards and shelves of Christmas cards with the annual update from friends with promises that “ we really must met up next year” inside. Whilst this time of year can be special with family reunions, time spent with loved ones, reliving Christmas’s past and watching the excitement on the children’s faces,  it can be easy to get swept along and lose focus on what this season is really all about.

During December at Trinity we hope to have a number of different events and services for all the family, for friends and for neighbours around us. Everyone is most welcome to come and join us as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, and understand the real Spirit of Christmas.

And when you are pondering who else you still have to buy for, on a list that feels longer and dearer every year, why not take a couple of minutes quietly this month to watch this video and get the answer to the question:- What if Christmas gave you all you’ve ever wanted?

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