Through the ages, Christianity has used the dates of preexisting pagan festivals to repel those customs by adding Christian observance on the same date or season. We can’t ignore the annual celebration that Halloween has become in our society, so whilst an event to be held on October 31 st might not be an obvious occasion for a Church it does help us connect with non church goers.
And so we are holding a Light Party on Thursday to highlight the opposite of Halloween – namely that our Lord Jesus Christ came into the world to give us light and banish the dark.
An evening planned for food, fellowship and fun for all ages, we will have games,face painting, food and even hopefully fireworks !!
Whether you are a member of our congregation, or just live nearby, or have never been to anything with us before, you will be made most welcome and we would love to see you there. Details are shown below but if you have any queries just email us at