Now for the third in our short series of blogs shining a light on our members who work for PCI. We can see from this blog just how busy Colin’s department can be and poor Colin doesn’t get much peace at the weekend or evenings as Trinity congregation rely on him very heavily for all our technological issues, and we are very grateful for his calm, professional attitude to always keeping us “online” which is on top of all the work he puts into church life in other areas.  So over to Colin for the last word … 

My current role is IT Support Manager and I am part of a small team of 6 delivering a diverse and expanding range of ICT services to some 1000 + staff/ministers/students employed by PCI across 20 + sites throughout Ireland.  We also assist in the running of Assembly Buildings Conferencing Centre which has increasingly more complex and diverse technological requirements for meetings/conferences/events in the former Church House/Spires shopping mall where the central PCI offices are based.  In a technology dependant world employees need to access the data / communications / services we support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year : any time, any place on any device – something we are never going to be able to deliver as more often than not technology breaks, things don’t work as they ought and it’s our job to try and fix it and keep things running as best we can.  

A constantly changing environment

Working in IT is a constantly changing environment and in the 8 years I’ve been working for PCI the job I do now in some ways bears little resemblance to the job I started in, and even less to the Computing Science degree I graduated with some 8 years previously. IT and the technologically saturated world we now live in is invasive, can consume us, and has changed the modern workplace forever.
PCI, like many other employers is trying to navigate this changing world to deliver the services required and secure the data we hold in a responsible and efficient way within the restraints we are presented with (namely limited time and resource).

An average day

In short there’s no such thing as an average day in IT! Often the things you hope to achieve in a day are pushed to the side as the phone rings and you are informed that something somewhere isn’t working as it should be which is preventing someone doing their job or preventing core services being delivered.  This can be frustrating, but ultimately means we are gainfully employed : if everything worked all of the time we would be out of a job after all! So it’s a daily lesson in grace and humility, setting aside what you hoped to achieve and helping someone in need.

What makes you tick…

While my job can often bring frustrations as the work is never complete, it also enables me to provide for my family and use the gifts I have been given by God in service to Him. Working in IT in Assembly Buildings allows me to see God’s Kingdom come through the many diverse and exciting ministries PCI is involved in. I’m blessed to have an understanding boss and have tried to set boundaries where work largely remains in work, enabling me to be a husband and father who is present in family life, and a humble servant in the ministries I feel God has called me to here in Boardmills.  My passion and heart is to see our young people in Boardmills come to know Jesus and journey with them as they grow as disciples who make disciples reaching their generation for Christ. And since the arrival of our children we are working out the next steps of what God is calling us to in Boardmills in the days ahead as we continue to Seek first His Kingdom and follow Him.

For now IT in PCI is where God has planted me and I am to use the gifts and abilities he has given me to grow and sow seeds of His kingdom in my life and the lives of those I interact with daily.    

Matthew 6:33 “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”