Bible study in a busy world.

It can be easy to go a day, a week, a month or even longer without ever actually opening your Bible. Life and Satan can put many obstacles and distractions in our way that mean once again we’ve
ended our day without really reaching for God’s word, no matter how good our intentions were when we woke that morning.  So whilst not all modern inventions are good for the Christian life, some can certainly be turned to good purpose. Our mobile phones, tablets or computers are regularly in our hands or beside us within easy reach – admit it, it’s not only the teenagers who are constantly looking down with thumbs doing that little text dance!
Finding a good Bible app, one that is based on strong theological teaching, can put our “Manual for Life” right with us all day, everyday. And alongside these apps, many have reading plans or study guides. Picking one to follow gives a short, but worthwhile, oasis in a busy day and can be as refreshing for the spirit as the mind.  There are many different categories to choose from, whether you need specific guidance in an area
of your own life, or maybe want to know how to reach someone that you understand is going through something in their life.
The daily plans tend to be short but maybe can become an acorn of a habit that leads to a greater journey in engaging with the Lord’s word, every day.  If you have tried these, and have found any that you feel are particularly good, why not share your thoughts with us and write a short review for this blog? Now there’s a challenge!