Producing a magazine for our Church congregation and surrounding community can be a challenging job- what to include in it, who will write the articles, chasing up the writers when they go past the requested deadline, playing around with layouts to make sure everything fits and has a sort of logical flow to it all! A magazine, approx. 24 pages pulled together, mixture of text and pictures – why really do we do this?
And the answer is simple. As a Church family at Trinity we want to reach out to everyone we can – we don’t want to be insular, just sharing news and views with each other but we want to be a part of the community, and more than that, we want our neighbourhood and district to feel they can belong and be welcome with us too.
Our magazine in the paper format gives us an opportunity to pass it on to friends, family and neighbours. In someone’s home it may be the only Christian based literature to pop through their letterbox – can you think of somebody who might enjoy reading it?

For our family members that don’t embrace technology as much as our younger generations, having something tangible to sit down and read, mull over and enjoy, the magazine is a perfect way to fill that gap.
But we are living in a very techno driven world and we recognise that a paper based magazine has its limitations. So as a church, when we try and provide regular updates on our presence and witness, or give a reflection of our social involvement or highlight our beliefs, we have to look at different ways we can connect with those around us.  We have been active on various social media platforms for a while, and benefit from the immediacy that they provide. We are also starting to produce more ezines throughout the year, as we know that email and internet are now second nature ways for many to search for information. The width of reach that we can experience from the internet also lets us connect with families and friends literally all over the world! Amazing, and all from our wee corner at Boardmills !
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