Our Communications Team are kept busy ensuring that we keep in touch with our own members and the wider community in a variety of ways. One channel we use is our Connections Magazine.

Started in September 2007 the magazine is currently issued twice a year and the name was chosen to reflect the objective for the publication – to keep our members uptodate on a variety of events, speakers or articles of interest and to bring feedback from our organisations or if some members have been involved in outreach work. Namely to make sure everyone felt connected to the church family!

Over the years the magazine has developed from a very labourious black and white photocopied production line to now being colour printed and available either electronically or in paper format. The hope of the Communications team is that members and visitors alike will lift a copy to pass on to neighbours and friends to spread our news a little further, and perhaps use it as an excuse to call with someone for a chat and build relationships.

Before each edition is published the Communications Team meet to plan what would be appropriate for inclusion and we try very hard to make sure we don’t leave any important issues or updates out but forgive us if we occasionally do!

Then comes a time of approaching people to contribute articles – and chasing up for deadlines, as there is quite a lot of work behind the scenes in editing, and playing around with the layout to try and make for the most interesting read. We do always pick a date for each magazine to be issued by, because this process could be unending otherwise!

If you would like to receive the magazine by email please drop us a request to comms@trinityboardmills.org or let us know if you would like someone to pop one through your door. If you would like to read some past editions follow the link here http://trinityboardmills.org/resources/.  And please please get in touch if you have an article you would like to have included !