2019 is here!  Rev Scott Woodburn gets us off to a positive start as he shares some thoughts for the New Year .

In 2019 I will start a new business, will run three marathons, learn how to play the piano, visit my family more often, eat more vegetables, swim in the sea at least once a month, improve my water colour painting technique and will start training for my dream career as a professional wrestler. When I have accomplished these things then truly my life will be complete and I can say that I am living the dream.

Unfortunately when it comes to a brand new year and all of the above kinda stuff, I’m always a major disappointment. By this time next year I may have a ticked a few things off my list but I can with virtual certainty state that most of my aspirations will fall down with the Christmas decorations in early January.

Gladly in the uncertainty and dashed hopes of 2019 I am still a confident young fellow. Here is what I know…Brexit might not mean Brexit…Stormont may continue to gather dust…you and me may or may not be living the dream in 2019…BUT…Christ remains a wonderful Saviour of sinners.

My prayer for the new year is a simple one…that I will grow in Christ-likeness, that I will speak with and of Jesus more than I make idle resolutions and foolish boasts and that I will have a growing hunger for the Word of God. Moses was right in Psalm 90 when he said that “our years are 70 or by reason of strength 80, but they are soon gone and we fly away.” So his answer to this somber truth? “Teach us to number our days O Lord so that we might have a heart of wisdom.”

Pray for this with me in 2019 would you? And if in these dying days of 2018 you still don’t know Christ? Well my friend, now is the time to repent and trust Him. Tomorrow and next year may not belong to you, so I implore you on behalf of Christ to be reconciled to God.When? “Now is the favorable time; behold, now is the day of salvation.” (2 Corinthians 6.2)