The presence of a congregation of believers at Second Boardmills has been well documented, and the history of the progression of the church family and church building has been intertwined with the other congregations along Church Road for many generations.
September 2018 saw an opportunity for us to honour these memories and all the personal connections engrained in the locality and we held a dedication service for the Memorial stone now erected where the church building once stood. We had the pleasure of the company of our current Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland – the Right Rev Dr Charles McMullen.
Many families have connections with the church that was here, and the surrounding graveyard. Some still live locally, and some are now further afield. Between our three congregations, now amalgamated into Trinity Boardmills, we have quite a collection of old records which shine a fascinating light onto the lives and people that have gone before us. From time to time we get contacted to help fill in the gaps for families trying to trace their relatives and make sense of their family tree. On one occasion recently we even had some family members travel to Northern Ireland to meet with several of their relatives still living in the area – exciting to be part of a uniting kinfolk!