All over Northern Ireland during July and August churches and congregations are running summer camps for children and young people. We at Trinity Boardmills have just finished our annual Trinity Sports Connect – a week of activities, games, sports, fun and faith based teaching. Hopefully there will be more updates and photos from this soon in our bi annual magazine, but just now is perhaps a good time to reflect on the “behind the scenes” side of camps like this.  In 1 Corinthians 12 the Church is compared to the ‘ body’, different parts all working separately but also integrated for full functionality. We are made up from many parts, but all are needed and all are valuable. So it is running something like a summer outreach. We have organisers to pull together the programme and decide on themes for teaching and ensure the commitment from volunteers prepared to give of their free time. We need leaders who interact with the children all week with enthusiasm and energy. We need helpers to cater for the team during the week so that they are rested, fed and refreshed for the next session or the next day. We need people who think about facilitating the events- transport, safety, supplies for craft and games and so on. We need the generosity of people who donate food, supplies or money to help fund the week – the list could go on!

As much as each of these individual parts are imperative the combination of all the parts gives us even more value. Again in 1 Corinthians (v4-11) we learn that every member of Christ’s body has been given some kind of gift – gifts given for the common good, we are meant to work together and look for opportunities to serve and minister to others. To do so makes us stronger, both individually and collectively. At our summer outreach this year, one lady who had come to see what all was going on, made the comment that watching the children and adults interacting reflected a real feeling of community and a strong church family.
And isn’t that exactly what we want? For our young people to grow up knowing there is a place where they are loved, welcomed and cared for, where others want them to be involved- wouldn’t that be a great legacy from this week?

There have been other outreach programmes run in and around Trinity over the years but Trinity Sports Connect has now run for 6 consecutive years. Originally a vision of Rev Hyndman, his drive and passion has established a project that so many of our members with a heart to encourage our youth have now got behind. TSC will be one of many areas of our church life that will feel the gap left as the Hyndman family move on to their next chapter, but the foundations now laid down will hopefully let Trinity keep reaching out into our community and show the love of Christ to our neighbours.  We are so blessed to have this God given opportunity to work out our faith openly and loudly, conscious as we are of so much mission that has to be carried out carefully and quietly in dangerous situations. God willing, we plan to run TSC again next year, so if you would like to be involved please do get in contact with us