Hello? Is there anyone there?

Strange times, unprecedented times that we cannot meet freely in our church, but amazing times at
how we are adapting and communicating with each other in so many other ways and have changed
our methods of communication so quickly.
Congregations in churches of all denominations are working hard at staying in touch with the use of
technology and possibly reaching wider audiences than they did before “Lockdown”.
But what of our family members and neighbours who either don’t have access to all this technology
or are of a generation that never learnt how to work with it all?
From we are no age we are taught that we always have a direct line to talk with our heavenly Father,
as if He were on the other end of a telephone. Many of us are probably already keeping in contact
with friends and loved ones by checking in with them by phone, and certainly pastoral care
continues for anyone in need by contacting the Manse. We definitely do not want anyone to feel
disconnected from their church family at this strangest of times, and so we have also set up a
telephone option for our Sunday Service.
A recording of the service is uploaded each week, and anyone can dial in to hear it. There is no
charge for the caller (perhaps a concern that folk might have that a call of approx. 45 mins would be
costly). Once the number is dialled there is a short pause whilst the recording is activated, so hold on
in there – it’s worth the wait!!
This is where you can help with this – obviously anyone reading this blog already has access to
technology and therefore may not need the phone service – but you probably can think of someone
who does! Please share this information with family and friends and encourage them to use this
facility so they may be involved in our acts of worship and encouraged by the weekly teaching.
The number for the phone service is 0282502595
The Manse is 02892638271