So last time hopefully we gave you a little insight into the why and where of Trinity Sports Connect, and this time we would like to shine the spotlight on some of the immensely important work that goes on behind the scenes too.

Like every summer team happening through either the Presbyterian Church in Ireland or other denominations or charities, nothing “ just happens”. A lot of thought, planning and prayer goes into making one week work, because all involved believe that this one week might just change a child’s life for ever.

Planning starts for TSC many weeks earlier when the team agree on a theme and from there a programme can be built up – lessons to be delivered to the children and teens, and also a programme of devotions for the leaders involved. Other activities can then be modelled to follow this theme such as the crafts sessions, and any materials and handouts required can be printed and prepared. The theme this year is ….. oh no, you’ll have to wait til August to know that !!

And then there is the practical side of our week. Most of our leaders are from Trinity and can pop home in between events, but we have historically also twinned with another congregation- in previous years we have had volunteers from Trinity in Bangor join us, but this year we have a team coming down from Coleraine. Whilst accommodation is a little more comfortable for them as we now book a local air b’nb ( rather than sleeping on the church hall floor!) we provide food throughout the week – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lunch is served to them by members of our congregation who give of their time during the days, and then evening meals are provided and served by more of our generous and willing church family, and there is even some food left over for the teens events too! If this is something you feel you could help with, serving, cooking, or contributing to the shopping kitty, please get in contact. Remember some of our visiting volunteers are young, and it may be their first experience of serving on a team so this is an opportunity for us to show them how much they are appreciated.

Roll on our 7th year!