Trinity Sports Connect : 6th-10th August 2018

Sometimes we would be forgiven for thinking that summer is still a long way off as we haven’t totally got past the winter weather yet, but in reality it is only a few months until we will be running our annual Trinity Sports Connect week.

Many of our members will be heading away for times of mission and outreach during the traditional holiday times, but we also have some folk who give up their time to help run an outreach right on our own doorstep.
This will be our 6th year of providing a week of fun filled activity and God centred teachings. Each day has a time for primary aged children (5- 11 year olds) and then the older young people (11- 18) have their sessions in the evening.

Joining with some friends from Trinity Presb. Bangor the team of volunteers also benefit greatly from this time in Gods service having a time each day for their instruction and reflection, allowing them to be encouraged in the work they carry out with the various age groups throughout the week.

The first planning meetings will take place from early April, and the team would be grateful for your prayerful support through this process as well as during the whole week in August. If you think you would like to get involved this year – just do it! There are many skills required each day, and if you can be there for the whole time great, or if you can only commit to a shorter period of time that’s fine too. If you would like any further information please speak to James Hyndman or Vicky Montgomery.