As we come to the end of the month in which we celebrate St Valentine, a picture on a local church Facebook page caught my attention and started me thinking. The picture is shown above, and is really the important message to take away from this, but maybe some of the thoughts it triggered for me will resonate with you too.

There is some confusion when you try to research who exactly  Valentine was but most accounts recognise a man of the church in the Roman Empire who ministered to Christians at the time. Nowadays it has become a cynical and commercialised money spinner for the card companies and confectioners- I’m really not sure a Valentines Day card for you and your pet are truly in the spirit of the day!

Similarly,  the spirit of the day is not to highlight the negative – teens (and older!) waiting nervously for the postman (or maybe text or Facebook message these days) feel the fear of being thought unloved if they don’t receive at least one message! Add to this a recent trend to promote self love by treating yourself if no one else bought you chocolates/flowers/dinner etc only adds to the coffers of the businesses who are clever with their marketing.

Valentines Day is (thankfully!) only one day a year but the real meaning of love is ours for eternity!

Love of God – love for God and love by God- are completely central to our lives every day. Many can educate, debate and illustrate this concept better than I  and if you would like to talk to someone more about how much God loves you, contact us at but be under no doubt whatsoever that you are worthy of that love, you can feel the warm of that love, and you can learn how to follow our holy instruction to share that love with others.