Next in our short series of “meet the neighbours ” brings us to Elizabeth and Alan, who as a couple and as a part of a wider family circle in our church are maybe already known to many of us, but there might be a few things revealed here that you didn’t know!!

How long have you lived here?

I, Elizabeth have lived in this area all my life. Alan was a city boy and lived in Belfast. When Alan and I married 45 years ago we moved to live in a house that was 2 fields away from the farmhouse where I was born. Alan quickly adapted to country life!

What made you choose our church to come to?

My family worshipped in Killaney Presbyterian Church (now a refurbished hall where various church organisations meet) and Alan and I followed in my family footsteps. When our 3 churches amalgamated we continued to worship in the combined Trinity Presbyterian Church. We both benefit from all the teaching and fellowship we enjoy being church members. We attend Sunday morning Breakfast followed by a seminar and then Morning and Evening worship. We also find our Mid week meeting and bi monthly fellowship group meetings very beneficial. I am also a PW member and am one of the helpers at Mums and Tots.

Do you have a favourite hymn?

Alan’s favourite hymn changes every Sunday! I also have so many I have enjoyed singing over the years but if pushed to pick a favourite “Beneath the Cross of Jesus” is the one I would pick now. The modern Getty tune brilliantly matches the traditional words and this hymn helps me to wonder and attempt to fully appreciate what Jesus did on the cross for me. It makes me feel very thankful.

What about a favourite Bible verse?

My Bible passage, like my favourite hymn, would be hard to choose, but again if pressed I would select Psalm23. I learnt the King James Version as a child and at last I can now more easily recite the NIV more modern version. It is a Psalm that calms me and helps me refocus on Jesus who guides and comforts; a good Psalm to say and reflect on when I feel troubled. Alan values the vital message of John 3 v16.

What would you say to someone who is not a Christian, but would like to know more?

If there is someone who would like to know more about Christianity they would be welcome to come to any of our meetings and/or speak to any of our Church members.

Thank you Alan and Elizabeth for sharing with us, and Elizabeth forgot to mention she is also a longstanding and valued member of our choir!!