The recent news that we may soon be able to worship together again is wonderful, but there
are still many issues to be discussed and prayed into to ensure all precautions and safety
measures are being met. Our doors to the halls and church sanctuary have been closed for
many weeks now, but as we must always bear at the front of our thoughts, we are not the
church building, but the people of God and in so much we must always continue to serve
Him wherever we are.
The outreach from our one small rural congregation has possibly never been wider, and our
commitment to our outreach workers, our missionaries and our central PCI institution are still
consistent and inevitably costly. Our own property running costs are still relevant too.
Without being gathered together, it has been difficult for some families to continue with their
financial support to the various areas of our Church life, and we have highlighted this before.
Paying regularly by direct debit is an efficient and helpful way for our Treasurer and Finance
Committee to see our income and balance with our expenditure.
We know many are still helpfully setting aside the amounts they would normally be giving. If
it is not possible to set up a direct debit or some other online payment channel we would ask
that you consider sending your contribution using a cheque to the Manse, to a member of
the Finance Team or directly to our Treasurer. Please do not post or deliver cash until our
Finance Team are able to meet again.
Please remember to put your Freewill Offering Number (if you have one) on the back of your
cheque so that your contribution can be properly recorded. One off contributions could also
be accommodated by ebanking, and again if your name is referenced on the transfer then
your details can be recorded accordingly.
Further details of any of these methods can be obtained by emailing
If you are in a position to help at the moment, please do. And if you have been contributing
throughout, thank you. As we all know, God is Good all the time, God is Good.