We often hear the phrase “the church family”, and as a congregation we would try to make everyone feel welcome, included, and important within our “family” regardless of what stage of life they are at.

We are an active church – Sunday is definitely only one day of many during the week when our  folk are getting together to share in fellowship, fun and support each other. We have many opportunities to get involved in church life, with uniformed organisations and youth clubs for the younger members,  prayer  groups and midweek discussions for the older ones, women’s groups, mums and tots, bowling (for fun as well as competition!) – the list goes on! As with any family, certain things will be more relevant to some than others but good communication allows everyone to know what’s going on.

Just such a conversation recently sparked the idea for our Coffee Afternoon to be held on June 8th. A comment was passed to one of our youth leaders that some of the older folk in the church didn’t always hear what was going on with the younger ones, they were aware of the events and organisations available, but didn’t feel they got more detailed feedback about what actually took place and really wanted to be able to understand, to then be able to support and pray for the work being carried out.

And so the plans began to form for an afternoon when all the family could come along to hear more about what goes on during our summer outreach Trinity Sports Connect (TSC). With a busy church diary it soon became clear that a combined event with Sunday CE who were also planning a funday  to help raise support and awareness for the Spud Bear Ministry was the most practical,  so now we have a date for your diary to come and learn a bit more about what goes on at TSC, to support the chosen charity of our Sunday CE and recognise the hard work of all our volunteers for both these ministries.

The afternoon really is a great opportunity to bring all your family out for a time of fun, chat and food  – something for everyone from granny to the toddlers!