Sunday CE

To teach boys and girls Bible Truths and equip them to serve in the Church

About Us

WHAT : Singing Choruses , Learning Memory Verses , Praying together, Learning from our Bible Lessons, Good fun with our Special Spot, Enjoying juice & biscuits!

WHO : Sunday CE  for Boys and Girls Primary School Age

WHERE : We meet in the Kerr Room , Trinity Presbyterian, Boardmillls

WHEN : Every Sunday Morning  10 a.m.- 11.15am.

WHY : To teach boys and girls Bible Truths and equip them to serve in the Church.


Want to know more?

Sunday C. E. stands for Sunday Christian Endeavour.  We run this organisation of our church as Christian Endeavour and we meet on a Sunday hence the name!  When we meet at 10 a.m. we enjoy a variety of activities such as learning memory verses, singing choruses and praying together. Each week we learn new truths from our Bible Lessons. We usually take a few weeks to focus on our Bible Series, sometimes thinking about a Bible Character’s Life, a set of teaching from the Bible or follow a Missionary’s life story. This year so far we have enjoyed thinking about The Fruit of the Spirit  The Life of  Christ and The Mary Slessor  Story.  When praying together we talk about our prayer topics and then boys and girls and leaders have an opportunity to share in our prayertime. One other element of our programme is our ‘Special Spot’. A variety of activities are enjoyed here from week to week e.g. Bible quizzes, Bible games. After a busy morning we always finish with some juice and biscuits – tasty!

The unique element of Christian Endeavour is that the children participate throughout the programme. For example we have a boy or girl leader who tells us what is coming next, helpers at chorus time, someone to choose the prayer topic as well as checking to see who is at Sunday C.E, not forgetting someone to play the bongos! This participation is a main ingredient of our fun throughout the year and helps to build the children’s confidence to serve in our Church.