The Joy Foundation

Who we are:

We are a charity who is based here is Northern Ireland, however, the mission work we are involved in is based in Poland.

We aim to practically support the poorest people of Poland but most importantly share the good news of the Gospel with them.

We operate in 4 main areas:

  1. Week long camps
  2. Joy Weekends
  3. Food Ministry
  4. Aid

Week Long Camps

These camps are for children and young people aged 6-16. We take children from Orphanages, Single parent families and those who are on the Social Security register to camp for 1 week.

Here many of them make life long memories. Our camp consists of 2 fellowship times per day, one in the morning and one in the evening.  These are just like typical children’s meetings here in Northern Ireland, singing, quizzes, memory verses and most importantly a Bible story.

In between times we conduct a number of different workshops such as sport, baking, craft, games and life lessons. We also arrange trips for the children such as a visit to the Zoo, Swimming pool or a Photo challenge in a local town.

Joy Weekends

These are from teenagers and young adults aged 16+. They usually run from Thursday – Sunday. They are mainly focused as a discipleship weekend for young Christians however there are some who attend who are not Christians. The purpose of these weekends  are to build them up in their faith, challenge those who are not Christians and to build the social relationships.

There is also some down time for outings and workshops!

Food Ministry

This involves us working alongside the EU food program and with the bigger supermarkets such as Tesco. We are allocated food from the EU food program and the supermarkets donate any food which is close to their expiry date or that has maybe expired that day. We then package this into food parcels for families who are on the Social Security list and have no other way of obtaining food. The team will then go around the Warsaw area of Poland distributing the food. Each family/ person must sign to say they have received the food. This allows us then to report back to the authorities.


This is a reasonably new project for us. We aim each July to send a 40ft lorry to Poland full of clothes, furniture, childrens toys and disability aids. We receive donations from all across Northern Ireland. All donations are then sorted and packages into the different groups. When the lorry arrives in Poland it is then distributed to needy families, churches across Poland who then distribute to others.

Each person who receives food or aid from our program also receives gospel literature and hears the gospel through open-air services. To find out more check out