Next in our mission partner blogs is Andrew Scott, Sports Academy, George

At the beginning of the year Andrew Scott stepped out in faith to spend a year with Sports Academy in George, SA.

  1. Recently our guys have participated in two tournaments in George and came away winning both tournaments. Our under 17 team have won every tournament they have entered, which is a great achievement. Also, our netball girls have just won the league for the first time ever. Sporting success isn’t the most important thing but it really shows that hard work and commitment pay off. These are values that Sports Academy want to instill in each boy and girl who is a part of the academy. 2. I said in my last update that we were starting a course for our young boys called man made. This has been a struggle at times! Often the boys will say they want to do things, as they don’t want to disappoint, yet when we drive to pick them up some of them are nowhere to be seen. This can be frustrating but I have learned a lesson that you can’t force anyone. We can only work with the ones who want to grow and learn. 3. In August, we had a team from Causeway Coast Vineyard and a team from Exodus serving with us. Having been on several mission teams, it was great to see teams from the other side and help them on their own journey. It was also nice to hear the accent from home again which I never thought I would say!!


What is happening in the next few months;   Over the next few months we have our last football tournament at the end of September. This is the one that we really want to win as schools from all over South Africa will be participating. The rest of our work continues as normal in both the primary schools and with the boys/girls in the elite academy.   Pray for our young guys. Sadly, some of them are in trouble with gang related activity. They desire acceptance/ belonging and unfortunately they have got caught up in the wrong crowd. It can be very hard for them to see a way out so please pray that we can help them in this whilst also leading them to find their true identity in Christ.


Pray for Ngubo. He has made a commitment to follow Christ so please pray as I guide him on this journey and walk through him with various struggles he may have.