Next in our mission partner blogs is Louise Hanna, Youth Worker, Ballysillan Youth for Christ

Ballysillan Youth for Christ is a Christian Youth Centre based in the heart of North Belfast.
The centre (commonly known as “The BlueHouses”) is a beacon of light for the young
people of the area. It has been in operation for 24 years, running a variety of programmes
which include community relations work, a drop-in for teenagers & young adults, one-to- one
mentoring, discussion groups, schools work, Summer scheme, and so on. There is a good
relationship with the local community, and a small amount of support from several local
The area represents all of the problems of a typical inner-city environment in Northern
Ireland – broken homes, single parents, strong paramilitary influence, high unemployment
rates, relatively high incidence of drug-and- alcohol abuse, poor achievement at school, low-
grade housing, children and young people with high need for attention, low self-esteem and
lower expectations.
Our mission is to serve the local community by helping young people reach their potential
through faith, hope and love. We seek to take a holistic approach in responding to the needs
of young people of the area and addressing the issues that they face, helping them develop
personally, socially and spiritually.This is achieved through relational youth work and the
opportunity to engage in a variety of programmes at individual, group and community levels.

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