From Sunday 17th September @ Trinity join with us as we start a new journey in how we become a Disciple Making church family.

10 AM Coffee + Discussion Groups

11:30 AM Morning Worship

6:30 PM Evening Worship


Here’s an outline of what we will be exploring together : come join us


SESSION 1: COME / John 1:35-51
Discipleship starts with awareness of Jesus before activity for Him.

SESSION 2: CALL / Matthew 4:17-24
The essential call of discipleship is to follow our Master Jesus.

SESSION 3: COMMUNITY / John 17:20-26
We can’t do discipleship alone. We learn to follow Jesus as part of His church.

SESSION 4: CULTURE / Matthew 5:13-16
Disciples don’t escape or embrace culture, but engage with it as they follow Jesus.

SESSION 5: COURAGE / Matthew 10:1-16
Disciples aren’t just called to live well in culture, but also to speak up for Jesus.

SESSION 6: COST / Mark 8:34-38
Following Jesus brings a cost in every area of our lives.

SESSION 7: CHALLENGE / Matthew 28:16-20
The challenge of becoming disciples who make disciples.

SESSION 8: CONTINUE / Luke 9:28-36
We never graduate from needing Jesus but continue following him in every age and stage of life.

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