Girls Brigade

Having had a busy session this year with our girls, we are now looking forward to our Annual Display on Friday 20th April at 7.30pm
We have different age groups throughout the Girls Brigade starting with the Stars and Explorers who are from age 3 to P4 and they come on a Monday night at 6pm – 7.20pm. Then the Juniors (who are P5 – P7) also start at 6pm but stay until 7.30pm. Our oldest section are the Seniors and Brigaders who are Year 8+ and come in at 7pm finishing at 8.45pm.
Girls follow badge work programmes to earn badges: Stars, Explorers and Juniors enjoy many activities including Bible Lessons, Skipping, Arts and Crafts, Singing, Baking, PE and Games. Seniors and Brigaders badge work includes Bible Study, Crafts, Team Games, Baking, Drama, Unihoc and much more. As well as working for Girls’ Brigade Awards the older girls are encouraged to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.
Our Annual Display is a great fun filled night for family and friends of the girls to come along and see some examples of what they have been so busy with all through the year. There’s plenty to entertain everyone – and you may even have the opportunity to join in some of the games!
Monday 16th April will be the last regular night, busy with preparations for the Display at the end of that week, and then we hope the girls all enjoy a rest over the summer months, and come back in September all ready to start again!