Our Junior Section in Girls Brigade is for girls aged 8 -10. Throughout the year they do many activities and learn lots of new skills, and have also been working hard on their scripture lessons. So they decided that they would compose a poem about what they have learnt about Moses. This shows how well they have all been listening and learning- well done girls!


The Israelites were slaves to the evil King,
But two midwives came and did the right thing.
God commanded of the midwives,
To save all of the baby boy’s lives.

As leader of the Israelites Moses was the chosen one,
But soon everyone found out what he had done.
In anger he had killed an Egyptian,
Yet our loving God forgave him.

Moses was afraid and so he ran away,
Because of what he had done he didn’t want to stay.
God spoke through a burning bush and told Moses to go back,
However Moses had a few excuses so he didn’t want to pack.

At last Moses went to Egypt even though he was a bit slow.
God wanted him to tell Pharaoh to let the Israelites go.
It took him ten whole plagues to say yes.
So the Israelites set off and finally they were free of stress.

The Israelites began their journey, however, they came to a problem: The Red Sea,
And to make it worse the Egyptians were chasing them again even though they thought they were free.
The Israelites had forgotten to trust God and cried “What are we going to do?”
Yet God was faithful again as He parted the sea waters to let them pass through.

In the desert still the Israelites complained and grumbled as they stood,
But again God provided for them sending mana and quail for food.
Next they faced a battle against the army of the Amalekites.
God commanded Aaron and Hur to hold up Moses’ arms and the winner was: the Israelites.

God gave Moses the ten commandments up on Mt. Sinai.
When Moses returned, God was angry with the Israelites – but why?
The Israelites had gathered round and worshipped a statue of a cow.
Moses broke the stones with the ten commandments to show the Israelites they had broken their half of the promise with God now.

God could not be among the Israelites because of their sin.
So Moses met with God outside of the camp the Israelites were in.
God called Moses to go up Mt. Sinai once more.
Our forgiving God renewed His promise with His people and this time when Moses returned, it was an amazed smile the Israelites wore.

So from our poem you can see God forgives those who make mistakes.
God is offering forgiveness as a gift for you to take.
If you’re someone who thinks “There’ll be plenty of time for that later – I’ll wait.”
Then listen to this: turn to God now and ask for forgiveness before it is too late!