On Sunday 3rd March Rev Woodburn challenged us and encouraged us to continue to pray for the vacancy and for the one God would have to minister in this place. We continue to Persevere in Prayer – based on the words from Jeremiah 6:16  -‘Stand at the crossroads and look: ask from the ancient paths, ask where the good way is and walk in it.’ The words do not hinder us from embracing change and doing new things but they do remind us NOT to lose the truths of God’s Word which are foundational to our walk with Him.

This poem puts it very well:

So many paths you, (a congregation) can take with

baffling crossroads,

inconvenient detours,

unexpected curves,

frustrating dead ends.

There are broad tempting highways

leading to distraction and destruction.

Wisdom stands at the crossroads

and bids us ask for the good way.

God Himself answers by giving us

His Holy Word, our infallible map,

which calls us to join His Son, our Saviour

as constant Companion and Guide.

Jesus Christ, our Way, our Truth, our Life.

Faithfully walk the line with Him,

holding to His truth without compromise.

There is joy amidst tears in this journey

and indescribable joy at its end.

‘Quiet Time’ by Susan Lenzkes ©2019 printed in EDWJ January/February 2019 ©CWR 2018. Used with Permission.

Remember to PRAY A SENTENCE AT 7 that God would bless His church here in Boardmills and His Spirit would give clear direction in the days ahead. Pray at 7am or 7pm, 7.15, 7.45 – pray a sentence before you rise, pray doing the dishes, pray on your way to work, pray before you start your homework.

Pray a sentence at 7.

We will continue to pray on Sunday morning’s at 10.20am and then we will gather on Friday 22nd March at 7.30pm to pray specifically for Trinity Boardmills.

https://www.presbyterianireland.org/Resources/WeekofPrayer2019We will continue to pray on Sunday mornings at 10.20am and then we will gather on Friday 22nd March at 7.30pm to pray specifically for Trinity Boardmills. If you are unable to come along please do take time on that evening to pray with us.

We all struggle to be consistent in prayer but from the Week of Prayer back in February we learn that there is:

POWER in prayer,

PRAYER strengthens relationships

PRAYER is letting God in to change lives

PRAYER inspires and renews.

Visit the Presbyterian Church Website, watch and listen to those who contributed to the week of prayer and be encouraged. https://www.presbyterianireland.org/Resources/WeekofPrayer2019