Shielding, isolating, online lectures, furlough, bubbles and the rule of six, all of these have become everyday terms for our students and for our young adults starting out in the world of work at this time.
As their Church Family, please pray for all of these young people, who have found that their much anticipated adulthood has arrived in a very different way from that which they had planned or hoped for.
As we bring them before God in prayer, please think especially of those young adults who are newly employed and already coping with changes in workplace conditions and demands. Some are or have been furloughed and face uncertainty in the jobs which they have chosen.
Please pray for the safety of our students living away from home, some in cities where the infection rates are high, as they deal with with the pressure of restrictions and online learning.
Thank God for each of our precious young people and ask that, even now, they will make a connection between their faith and their everyday lives, continuing to live for the One who surrounds them with His love and promises.