With the beginning of a new year TRINITY BOARDMILLS seeks to reaffirm our hope and a trust in a God who is Sovereign over all things.
The words from Jeremiah 6:16 are appropriate as we commence a new year:
“Stand at the crossroads and look: ask from the ancient paths, ask where the good way is and walk in it’”

These words do not hinder us from embracing change and doing new things but they do remind us NOT to lose sight of the truths of God’s Word which are foundational to our walk with Him. So throughout these next months we want to encourage each other to build on the foundation of God’s truth and to know His good way … for our congregation. To help us to pray for God’s good way – a BOOKMARK has been produced to remind us to pray – it simply says PRAY AT 7 – PRAY A SENTENCE AT 7 – that God would bless His church here in Boardmills and His Spirit would give clear direction in the days ahead. Pray at 7am or 7pm, 7.15, 7.45 – pray a sentence before you rise, pray doing the dishes, pray on your way to work, pray before you start your homework. Pray a sentence at 7. As a congregation we can all join in praying a sentence – we know this is not our work but God’s :
“…not to us O Lord, not to us but to your Name be the Glory.” Psalm 115:1

5 Things to Pray for your church: last spring we worked through part of this
little book. We will again use it on a Sunday morning as we focus on Prayer for all the different ministries in Boardmills.