Trinity Sports Connect 2021

KIDS in the afternoon : 6years – 12years old, with the sessions running from 1.30pm – 4.30pm. Either Monday + Tuesday or Wednesday + Thursday.

TEENS events are in the evening, 7-9pm and is for anyone 12years+

CHURCH FOCUS – Breakfast In The Book Online

At Breakfast in the Book we discover more from God’s Word, the Bible. This might involve a video, a quiz or a challenge! This year we have been working our way through a series from Scripture Union called Rooted. The series looks at where we have put our roots and...

CHURCH FOCUS – CEF Conference – Raising our children in Christ

Raising our children in Christ. The last 14 or so months have brought us all to some new and incredibly challenging situations and for parents many schedules and routines have been turned totally upside down. Maybe for the first time, parental involvement with...