Youth Ministry at Boardmills

Bridge Building, Disciple Making, Culture Shaking


“We seek to BUILD BRIDGES, touching the lives of the youth with the unchanging biblical truths.  In establishing a RELATIONAL FOUNDATION to reveal Christ’s love to them, we hope to ENCOURAGE GROWTH in their faith, challenging them to develop SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES that will enable them to LIVE OUT LOUD against society’s flow.”

BIG QUESTIONS SERIES @typconnect : final week “Why did God give Adam and Eve freewill”

In our final week Ellis shared the last video in our big question series as he explored the question of why did God give Adam and Eve free will? Next week we will start looking at the basics of the Christian faith for a couple of weeks before a summer break....

BIG QUESTIONS SERIES @typconnect – this week “How do I even know there is a God?”

This week Richard explores the Big Question "How do I even know there is a God?" in the latest of our Big Questions series @typconnect : see the video below. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CBGrdnIAztq/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

BIG QUESTIONS SERIES @typconnect – this week “How can I trust the bible”

One of the things I have really enjoyed and been able to do more of during lockdown isread. From the autobiography of Heavyweight boxing world champion Tyson Fury to C.SLewis’ Mere Christianity and many other books in between. This period has also allowed meto really...

BIG QUESTIONS SERIES @typconnect – “I’m a good person, isn’t that enough?”

I’m a good person, isn’t that enough? https://www.instagram.com/tv/CAitZ-FAfsN/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Let's start by thinking about what the world tells us. The world will tell us that as long as weare the best we can and do enough good things we are a good...

BIG QUESTIONS SERIES @typconnect – This week “How can God allow Suffering?

How can God allow Suffering? This question is potentially one of the biggest barriers for people following Jesus and one of the biggest reasons why many stop following Jesus. So should we avoid this question? No! It is important that we wrestle with these questions...

NEW SERIES – Big Questions @typconnect

Questions are a normal part of our life. Every day we will ask and be asked. Thewords who, what, why, when, how are all part of our vocabularies. Every day wemight ask Who had the TV remote last? What is for dinner? Why did you do that?When will we be there? How much...