Why do Christianity Explored in our Fellowship Groups?

It’s not only for people who do not believe in Jesus. In all my years looking at different small
group study material, whether that be reading it, leading it, and occasionally writing my
own, I have never come across anything which helps people to grasp a book of the Bible so
well. If you follow through in the homework, in seven weeks you will have read and
understood Mark’s gospel. There is no other material which simultaneously teaches people
how to read the Bible by asking the right questions of any given passage. Whether you are
new to the faith or have read the gospels all your life, Christianity Explored is a wonderful
resource to sharpen ourselves and to breathe new life into our bones.

The other reason is to equip ourselves in how to do evangelism. The Church grows through
addition. Read the beginning of Acts and notice how often that Luke records how people
were added to the numbers of the believers. Even more, look and see how often the
number of disciples multiplied! It is the Word of God that did this. The best thing about
Christianity Explored is that it lets the gospel tell the gospel. The Word of God does all the
work. By going through the Christianity Explored course together we will become more
confident with it as a resource and as a tool. We will also become more familiar with the
gospel itself. Prayerfully, we will be able to use this tool then to speak with others who
might not believe the gospel and to share the reason for the hope that is within us.

Rico Tice is a wonderfully gifted and able evangelist. Through the videos we will find
ourselves encouraged, challenged, and provoked by the gospel truths which we can so easily
take for granted. I want to encourage you to join a group this year if you haven’t before. The
small group is a place where our faith can thrive and develop. It is a place where burdens
can be shared and a wonderful place for prayers to be offered up for each other.

Christianity Explored starts soon on the 18 th of January. Contact Richard at
[email protected] if you would like to join a group or if you would like more information.