Matthew 18:1-14

Little Ones

In this passage Jesus teaches us who will be great in the Kingdom of God but also stresses our need to care or one another. Primarily in not causing others to sin, secondly in fighting our own sin, and thirdly is searching for the little ones who go astray

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Matthew 17:24-27

Fishing for Coins

In this often forgotten miracle Jesus reminds us of his unique position as the eternal Son and our adoption into the family. We also witness the wonder of the miracle working God who through his providence guides everything for the good of his people.

Matthew leads us through the revelation of Jesus divinity as he is transfigured before his disciples

Matthew 17:1-23

The Transfiguration

Matthew leads us through the revelation of Jesus divinity as he is transfigured before his disciples

Matthew 16:21-28

Pick up our cross

On Sunday we reflected on the challenge to “Pick up our cross” and follow Christ

Hebrews 2:1-4

The Dangers of Spiritual Drift

On Sunday we reflected on the great salvation won for us by Jesus and of our need to respond by paying much closer attention to him in this new year.

Ezekiel 43 + Ezekiel 47

Our study in Ezekiel was brought to a close with two sermons in one this week. The Glory Returns (Ezekiel 43) and The Tree of Life (Ezekiel 47).

Ezekiel 37 – the Gospel according to the Holy Spirit

Matthew leads us through the famous passage from Ezekiel of the dry bones in the valley. Only the Spirit of God can bring life to these bones that they might live under the one King – Jesus

Ezekiel 36 – A New Heart

In Ezekiel 36 we learn that our hearts are sick, more than that they are made of stone and we are in desperate need of a new, living heart. The good news is that God will give us a new heart that we might live for his glory and his fame.

Psalm 131 Calm & Content

This Sunday we were delighted to have Moore Casement (Director, Cornhill Belfast) preaching from Psalm 131 reminding us that contentment does not come from a prideful focus upon ourselves but rather a focus upon Christ

Ezekiel 34 – Two Shepherds

There are two types of shepherds. The people of Israel have suffered at the hands of their leaders who have mistreated and robbed them. God comes to the rescue as the Good Shepherd who will care for and protect his sheep.