New Term, New Study for Fellowship Groups

The vision for fellowship groups in our Church family is to build upon our primary purpose to Know God, Follow Jesus and Live by His Spirit.
We do this by glorifying God and as a Church family, growing and strengthening each other through Bible study, prayer and fellowship.

This term we will begin a new study using the book “Belong”. In Belong, Barnabas Piper explores how you can help to create a church where everybody feels at home: a place where fellow believers build genuine, honest, meaningful Christian relationships and enjoy deep fellowship as a community of believers. This book will help you to see that belonging to a church is a good gift from God, the outworking of our identity as brothers and sisters in Christ, and worth your time, love, and commitment.

The video below will give you an overview of the content we hope to cover.

This term Fellowship Groups will run the 1st + 3rd Wednesday (Killaney Hall) and Thursday (Trish + Colin Foreman’s home) in the month, from 7:30 – 8:30pm as outlined from now to Christmas.

From more details contact Colin [email protected] if you would like to join a group or if you would like more information.

Sign-up sheets and the books will be available on Sunday at church