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‘Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…’
Matthew 28:18

Hosting SAT-7 was a real blessing in November. What a joy to lift our eyes beyond ourselves and see what God is doing in some of the most broken parts of our world.

BUT….’who are SAT-7?’, I hear you cry.

SAT-7 are an international Christian media ministry bringing life-changing joy to the people of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) since 1996 were they started with a single two-hour broadcast per week. We arrived with this question but left with a real sense of being joined to other followers of Jesus in areas far from Boardmills.

In a nut shell: SAT-7 airs 24/7 on 4 channels, makes programmes in 3 languages (Arabic, Persian and Turkish), is watched by millions of people in 25 countries with over 33 million video views on Youtube (2022), has over 107,000 one-one viewer conversations (2022) and over 2 million page likes on Facebook (in 2022).

‘Broadcasting Joy to the Middle East and North Africa’.

Through their broadcasting they seek to make the good news of Jesus Christ to everyone in the MENA. There are many who would simply never hear it otherwise.

‘Changing the Story for Women in the Middle East.’

Many women with restricted freedoms and at risk of experiencing harmful cultural practices now encounter Jesus in their homes. How wonderful to hear ladies explaining that they heard about Jesus for the first time and could use the SAT-7 social media tools to openly ask questions about him. Programmes such as Sweet Truth, You are Not Alone, Despite All, Homemade and Insiders seek to illustrate the worth of these women in the sight of God and address otherwise unmentionable topics. Lives are changed by encountering Jesus. They always have been and they always will be.

Online lessons have been created for millions of children and refugees who simply cannot attend school in their war torn countries. SAT-7 KIDS allows children and teens to have access to hearing more about Jesus in an age appropriate manner. In Boardmills we are incredibly blessed by the many opportunities our children have to be discipled in their knowledge and love of Jesus.

Through this faith-filled television and digital media ministry God is at work. Hearing the many examples of lives changed by encountering Jesus and seeing a 10 year old refugee singing about her love for him, lifted my eyes beyond my own circumstances and showed me that yes, God is at work.

We can get behind the work of SAT-7 as they spread the hope and love that only Jesus brings.

Find out more on their website