Valerie Murphy

Calling all ladies…get Saturday 9th March from 10-12.30 into your diary!!

Why should I keep Saturday 9th March free?
It is time for ladies to come together to our Be Transformed conference.

Who is taking it?
Valerie Murphy

Who exactly is Valerie Murphy?
She is the coffee drinking wife of Graham, mum of 4 grown up children and grandmother to 9 grandchildren. A dog lover who enjoys knitting/crochet and music. Most importantly she knows Jesus as her Saviour and friend and she blesses many with her Bible teaching!

Valerie, can you give us a flavour of the work you have been/ are currently involved in?
I trained and worked as a general nurse for 25 years. Then I was involved in Christian Ministry as the National Director of Precept Ireland for 20 years before retiring in March 2023. The mission of Precept Ireland was to encourage and train people to study the Bible for themselves. I am still involved in ladies Bible Studies and teaching. She also has a very important role now…helping with the grandchildren

What do the words Be Transformed mean to you?
I always think of a butterfly coming out of a cocoon or a tadpole turning into a frog! Its like there is a radical change. The change is always for the better.

Valerie, what do the words ‘be transformed’ mean in the context of Romans 12 v2?
‘Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.’
They mean allowing God and his word to shape our thinking leading to us living differently and not allowing the standards around us to shape our life.

What would you like to do on the 9th March?
It would be great to informally explore together how God has already transformed us through the Lord Jesus, and how that process works out in our everyday life. In the second session we will look at a woman who was transformed and hopefully learn some lessons from her life.

Why should we make the time to come?
There is a real blessing in being together with others around Gods word- it’s encouraging to know we are not alone!

Who or what should we bring with us?
A bible and pen- handouts will be provided.

So there you have it. A date for the diary! Coffee and treats, music and great Bible teaching. The only thing left to say is…why not bring a friend?