Colin Foreman


MY NAME IS COLIN FOREMAN, I’m married to Trish and we have 2 children Noah and Faith. Trinity Boardmills is the church I have attended all my life, the church my family has worshipped in for many generations, and the church our kids now affectionately refer to as …

our church family

While I’ve a strong connection to Trinity now, have been involved in various leadership roles in recent years and am a member of Kirk Session (the leadership team of the church) that hasn’t always been the case.

Let me share something of my journey back to faith having drifted away from God and the church, and by His grace returned to find that life in Christ and amongst his people in the local church is indeed as Jesus said in JOHN 10:10 “life in all its fullness”.

“Your driftwood, floating on the water, breaking into pieces, pieces, pieces”

As I reflect back on my teenage years and into my twenties, these lyrics from the song Driftwood by the indie rock band Travis resonate with my journey at that stage. Having been brought up in the local church and going to the various organisations that my parents took me to I simply drifted from the faith and went after what I thought would satisfy the longing for purpose that we all seek in life.

I worked hard, played hard, partied hard, sought popularity and followed what everyone else seemed to be doing, while slowly drifting away from God in the process.

“Will your anchor hold in the storms of life”

The words of the old BB anthem suddenly became a reality for me in my early twenties as the storms of life struck. The death of a friend in a tragic accident and my cousins sudden passing from an aggressive form of cancer both within the span of a year brought the stark reality home – “If that had been you now meeting your maker, a loose connection to a church which you had drifted from and being a decent person wasn’t going to cut it – only a living relationship with Jesus saves”. As God started to speak into my life the news of mum’s cancer came crashing in, but in her I saw what it was to have a living faith and not to fear death. I knew that I didn’t have that, while searching for meaning in life with all the world had to offer I had drifted from the simple faith I once knew, that trusting Jesus and living for Him is truly “life in all its fullness”.

“Seek ye first His Kingdom and Righteousness, and all these things will be given to you”

Having come home to my church family at Trinity again in recent years this verse from Matthew 6:33 has become, and I pray will become more and more the focus of my life. Seeking Jesus First is the source from which our lives in Him should flow. Being a part of a church family, getting involved in leading, serving together, growing in faith and encouraging one another helps hold me accountable to this. I fail regularly, but I’m learning more and more that His grace is enough and his mercy new every morning.

How about you? Why not join with us at Trinity as we journey together in a living faith that gives life in all its fullness.