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26/06/22 / Childrens Day (No recording)

This mornings childrens day service wasn’t recorded but listen back to this previous recording of the Parable of the Sower. 

The Parable of the Sower reminds us of the power, work and authority of the Word of God and asks us to trust in it and in the Sower to do his work.

Who We Are

We are a community of people from different places and backgrounds who gather around Jesus Christ.

We believe that He rescues people from the emptiness of life and invites them to live life to the full. 

We are not perfect, we struggle like everyone else, but we are committed to learning from Jesus how to live the life He has given and we are excited about becoming more like Him.

We gather to worship on Sundays at 11:30am and 7:00pm and we would love to welcome you to join us.

CHURCH FOCUS – Breakfast In The Book Online

At Breakfast in the Book we discover more from God’s Word, the Bible. This might involve a video, a quiz or a challenge! This year we have been working our way through a series from Scripture Union called Rooted. The series looks at where we have put our roots and...

CHURCH FOCUS – PW Blog – Dear Daughter

Hello .As we enjoy this season of spring with buds, greenery, and flowers all bursting forth, it causes us togive thanks, for the beauty of God’s wonderful creation. We trust everyone is keeping well and asthe restrictions are gradually lifting, we hope you are...

CHURCH FOCUS – CEF Conference – Raising our children in Christ

Raising our children in Christ. The last 14 or so months have brought us all to some new and incredibly challenging situations and for parents many schedules and routines have been turned totally upside down. Maybe for the first time, parental involvement with...

CHURCH FOCUS – Fellowship Groups Feedback

As a church fellowship made up of believers, their families, and those seeking to find out more about a real and vital faith in Jesus and how it can impact a life, our neatly ordered and perhaps predictable world has undergone severe upheaval during the last months of...

CHURCH FOCUS – Easter Distribution

It has been a long and strange 13 months or so, during which time we have had to readjust to notalways being able to meet together, or to having our services on line, or now with a few of us gathered again in the church building. But the “church” has never been about...

CHURCH FOCUS – Easter Reflection

We have spent the last few days focusing on the story of the Cross, and the immense sacrifice madefor us there.We cannot but help consider the enormity of that cost in very personal terms - how God sent hisSon to save me, what I must do to receive the blessing and all...

CHURCH UPDATE – Easter Letter from the Manse

Our eyes are catching the first glimpses of light at the end of the tunnel as we enter the Easter season. We rejoice together at the announcement that church buildings will be opened for Sunday worship once again. With the reopening coinciding with Easter Sunday we...


As we step into 2021, we plan to reconnect with children, teens and families in fresh ways with the same hope of Jesus. We believe he is what this world needs both now and always. Our organisations in normal circumstances create a hub of activity in our congregational...


The pandemic has interrupted all our lives. There has been a stripping away of even legitimate activity, providing us with time and space to think - not in itself a bad thing. As the new year opens up before us we can chose to let the news bulletins order our lives or...

CHURCH FOCUS – New Year, New Challenge

New Year resolutions are usually broken by the 5th January. Most of them don’t work because we tough it out and do it alone. So I’m proposing we take a different approach this year. Make the resolution to read your Bible from beginning to end and see how it all fits...

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